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The Center of Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials of the Republic of Mordovia and group of companies "Biotech" in 2021 brought to the market 3 biological products that increase the efficiency of agricultural enterprises

Based on the results of field tests in 6 different regions of Russia, biological products "Rizo-S" and "RizoBaktoGel" have shown high efficiency in plant protection and in increasing the yield of the main agricultural crops: spring and winter wheat, spring barley and corn grain - by 7-20%, soybeans - by 26%. Also, work has begun and the first tests of new biological products for beets, sunflowers and other crops have been carried out.

The key role in the effectiveness of biological products introduced to the market is played by the special bacteria, which have a negative effect on the development of pathogens of plant diseases. In addition, these microorganisms affect the plant's immunity by indirectly improving the rhizosphere, have a positive effect on the structure of the crop, produce phytohormones and growth factors, and fix atmospheric nitrogen in the process of aerobic growth.

The third biological product is the SilaKol bio-preservative, created on the basis of three highly effective bacterial strains and a unique polyenzyme complex was very positively received by the market. It allows to save feed for farm animals up to 30% more efficiently. According to the results of tests completed this year, Silage harvested with the use of a new bio-preservative, was assigned to feed of the 1st class. In addition to a number of other beneficial effects, the SilaKol bio-preservative is environmentally friendly - it does not contain GMOs and is safe for humans and animals.

"The drug" RIZO-S ", like our other biological products, shows not only the effectiveness of the action, but also a tangible economic effect - agricultural producers can earn an additional average of 5.5 thousand rubles per hectare, in comparison with plots processed by traditional methods. We believe that the future growth in the use of biological products in agriculture is going to be very high. In addition, we see a new market niche for ourselves - organic farming. Our biological products are not chemical, and we plan to enter this market, predicting the growing demand for safe biological means of protecting and stimulating plant growth in the coming years.” - said Denis Kiselev, head of the “Biotechnology”direction of the Nanocenter of Mordovia.

Another positive result of the year for the Biotech group was the Organic Cybergectar, project initiated by the team of the Nanocenter of Mordovia. This project, aimed for increasing the productivity of organic farming and in line with the Strategy for Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation in terms of the transition to environmentally friendly agriculture, was supported by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. The Cybergectar provides to the market launch of growth stimulants, bio-preservatives, biofungicides and other biological products for organic agricultural production, where chemical fertilizers and plant protection products cannot be used, as well as the digitalization of land resources and the use of fertilizers, and the robotization of agriculture. The pilot project "Organic Cybergectar" is planned to be implemented on the territory of the Republic of Mordovia in collaboration with the Mordovian company "Biosphere" - one of the most experienced organic farms not only in Mordovia, but also in Russia, certified according to the "Organic" standard, a scientific and educational center of the world level "Engineering of the Future »And Digital Agro, which is adapting the supplied digital solutions for organic farming. The implementation of the pilot project will take place with the active participation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Mordovia. The Cybergectar pilot project is planned to be launched already in 2022.


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