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Startup "Elsic" noted a surge of interest in its silicon carbide electronic components at the international exhibition "Power Electronics"

Startups center of nanotechnology and nanomaterials republic of Mordovia continue to expand their business relationships by participating in major international exhibitions and forums not only online, but also offline, observing all the precautions necessary in the event of a pandemic.

At the major international exhibition "Power Electronics", currently taking place in Moscow, the Nanocenter startup "Elsic" has become one of the main centers of attraction for visitors. Great interest was aroused by the company's electronic components for power Converter devices made on the basis of silicon carbide (SiC) material.

"Despite the pandemic, this year we note an unprecedented increase in the activity of market players and their interest in the component base and silicon carbide conversion devices. During the first two days of the exhibition, we received more than 10 offers to test our products at the enterprises of potential large customers," said Evgeny Kondratyev, General Director of Elsic.

Elsic was the only Russian company at the exhibition that presented a number of electronic components based on silicon carbide - SIC Schottky diodes, SIC MOSFET transistors, as well as chips based on this material. Such devices have significant advantages over traditional silicon electronics – they have high efficiency, operate at high frequencies, withstand radiation, do not require active cooling, and have a much smaller weight and dimensions, which is important for modern electronics. Now SiC devices are widely used in electric trains, metro, electric vehicles, solar and wind power plants, electric converters, fast high-power charging, uninterruptible power supplies, as well as in household appliances. However, in Russia, SiC electronics is only beginning to attract wide attention of large consumers of the component base.


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