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System for early detection of leaks from startup «Leaksens» successfully passed industrial tests

LLC «Leaksens», one of Nanocenter startups, last week successfully completed industrial tests of an early leak detection system on shut-off valves, where accidents are most common. Shut-off valves are usually closed with a heat-insulating box or special covers, so it is very difficult to detect leaks in them. Existing detection systems are not suitable for use on shut-off valves and detect leaks only on horizontal surfaces, in places where water accumulates.

«Leaksens» specialists have developed a special sensor that can be easily integrated into existing models of protective covers for shut-off valves. The sensor is part of a software and hardware complex developed in the "Internet of things" concept. Signals on leaks inside the protective covers at all nodes of the heating system enter the system and allow monitoring the entire heat supply complex of the enterprise in real time. The new solution allows saving not only money on personnel, but also time spent on monitoring heating networks. It is very important that the system will immediately cut off the supply of coolant through the problem area and avoid the costly consequences of an accident.

"Our tests of protective covers with the integrated leak sensors were installed at the facility of our partner LLC "Activresurs". The industrial tests were successful and now we are working on preparation of the mass production of the product and entering the wide market, " explained Nikita Kargapolov, General Director of LLC «Leaksens».


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